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Our business is getting you business.

Let us take care of the payments, marketing and customer care so you can sell more stuff. Best of all, it’s totally free to post your products. takes a small commission from each sale so you’re never out of pocket.

What Can You Sell? is dedicated to helping more small Irish business sell their products. This means your product must be authentically Irish. You cannot sell a product that is made elsewhere and you are a promoter or marketer of that product. You must be a resident of Ireland to sell but you don’t have to have been born in Ireland. We recognise many choose to call Ireland their home, and rightly so.

We want to ensure our products are true to our values. We don’t want to sell products that may cause harm or distress to our customers. We, at reserve the right to delete any product that goes against these values.

Commission only profit if you profit. We do not take any upfront payment from our sellers and only charge a small commission of 6% of all sales. We offer you to receive your payments via PayPal and if you choose this option you should be aware that PayPal also takes a commission. You can read more about PayPal charges here.

Catering for small, product based businesses.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to sell your stuff. Which is why we have made it super convenient for you to post your products on our platform.

Here is the sign up process. From the Home page at click on My Account from the main navigation. If you are new then you should add your details in order to register. You will be requested to create a Shop Name, this will automatically create the url to the shop section of our site. You will also be required to decide on a password to protect your site.

Once you have added all your details click on Register.

You will then be offered a Setup Wizard which will help you set up your store, quickly and easily. Step 1 is inputting your store and address details, Step 2 is adding your bank details, you can choose to get paid using Paypal or direct bank transfer.

Once completed you will be directed to your store Dashboard where you can start adding your products.

Adding products

To add a new product simply click on Products from the options on the left of the screen. Then click on Add new product.

Adding a new product

You will then have the opportunity to add the product details including Name, Price and sale price if you would like, Images, a Category, Tags (which can help customers search and find your products) and a short description of your product.

Once you hit Create product you will be given the opportunity to complete additional product details including Shipping Details, Discounts, Stock keeping (if you have more than one product) and creating Variations of products.

Creating Variations

If you have 1 product that comes in a number of sizes and colours then you are required to create variations of that product. Here is a detailed article walking you through how to do this plus a video too. With the video, skip to 1.03 for the relevant section.

Here is some information you might want to include when selling your products:

  • Product name
  • Product description
  • Real life photos (photos you have taken yourself)
  • Postal charges (see below)

Shipping Classes

Based on the weight of your products select the relevant shipping class. These prices are based on information from the An Post website. If you need different shipping classes then please contact us.

With you can find more customers, sell more stuff and earn more money. Our business is dependent on you earning money so, this is our focus.

We’ll even post your products to our various social media channels to help you and your products get in front of more people.

Ready to get started selling?